ANATECH Corp. provides innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions for the complex needs of its customers.

Founded in 1978 in San Diego, California, ANATECH is comprised of two divisions offering expertise in Structural Engineering and Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Technology. With its unique, interdisciplinary capabilities, our highly trained staff supports maximized project performance, technical excellence, and state-of-the- art computational methods and methodology for diverse project requirements.

And we’re proud to announce that on March 5, 2013, we expanded our engineering expertise with Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Many clients have worked jointly with Structural Integrity Associates and ANATECH Corp. And now we’re making it easier. ANATECH Corp. that you’ve known for 35 years is now ANATECH Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. This brings our engineering leadership together to provide more integrated solutions and more expertise.

Welcome to ANATECH and Structural Integrity Associates—providing over 400 combined years of advanced engineering solutions and applications with a dedication to continuous improvement.


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