Structural Engineering

An industry leader with an established track record, ANATECH provides advanced analytical support and innovative solutions for a wide range of structural-engineering problems. Our extensive experience in national and global markets includes detailed modeling and analysis of thermal, impact, and seismic loading related to concrete and steel structures operating under normal conditions. We also specialize in advanced modeling and analysis methods that evaluate highly non-linear structural response under extreme operating conditions.

ANATECH provides structural engineering support for civil infrastructure applications, such as bridges, locks, and dams.  We are especially active in applications related to the nuclear power industry. Our expertise in evaluating a wide range of structural issues includes:

  • Earthquake Response
  • Fatigue and Fracture
  • Impact and Blast Loads
  • Thermal Cycling and Material Degradation
  • Coupled Thermal-Mechanical
  • Soil-Structure Interaction
  • High Temperature Creep Rupture
  • Cyclic Loading and Ductility
  • Forensics of Structural Failures

Our structural engineering services are comprised of

Design and Licensing

Seismic Performance

Extreme Loading

Reliability & Durability

Please contact us for further information about our structural engineering division and its capabilities.

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